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Monday kicked off the first official day of marine studies.  The morning began with field excursions to the grassy mudflats and the quarry.  The emphasis was on snorkeling skills and habitat profiles.  Many marine organisms were observed including barracuda, cowfish, sponges, coral, mollusks, lobster, and many different species of algae.

The afternoon was spent classifying algae and working on water quality studies.  Many second-year students set up their experiments.  We also had the pleasure of observing a manatee and her calf in the channel outside of the Goshen College Facility.  It was an amazing experience for all of the students and chaperones.

The culminating activity of the day was a delicious common meal of grilled chicken and macaroni and cheese.  A HUGE thanks goes to Miller’s Amish Country Chicken and Walnut Creek Cheese (Walnut Creek, OH) for food donations.