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We had another beautiful day of snorkeling and excursions. 

We traveled a couple of hours on Wednesday (1 by bus and another by boat) to get out to the coral reef at John Pennekamp State Park.  It was worth it for the awesome coral, sea fans, parrot fish, barracuda, conch, lobsters, rays, blue tangs, and a nurse shark!  The brain coral was massive and some of the largest lobsters in the past few years were observed.  Students and adults enjoyed some much needed relaxation time on the beach afterwards. 

Thursday was spent by students catching up on bookwork and wrapping up excursions to the quarry, grassy mudflats, mangroves, and the rocky coast.  Many different species of crabs were observed along with sea cucumbers, brittlestars, sea urchins, bristle worms, shrimp, and tiny octopuses. 

A student also found a seahorse in the grassy mudflats!