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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scheduled Events for Today:

9:00 – Mollusk seminar (all first-year and IB students must attend)

10:00 – Group project planning seminar (all students must attend)

10:30 – Water Quality seminar for all IB students (all IB students must attend)

6:15 (right after dinner) – Group picture 


Excursion Schedule:

Bougainvillea – 1:00 to Quarry / Mangroves (SPV shuttle)

Tree House – 2:00 to Quarry / Mangroves (SPV shuttle)

Captain Herbie – 3:00 to Quarry / Mangroves (SPV shuttle)

Seagrape – 7:00 to Rocky Coast (SPV shuttle)

Turtle Nest (136A) – 8:00 to Rocky Coast (SPV shuttle)

105 – 9:00 to Rocky Coast (SPV shuttle)

  1. Meet at the SPV (behind the motel) ahead of your excursion time.  Please be ON TIME for your excursion.  Other groups are depending on this.
  2. Each group should take a couple of buckets along.  All students should take a towel with them.
  3. If you are going to the quarry/mangroves, you need to be in bathing suits and take snorkel gear.  Have your snorkel gear ready by the scheduled time.  At the quarry, you should observe two habitats – the human-made walls of the quarry as well as the mangroves that line part of the quarry.
  4. If you are going to the rocky coast, you do not need snorkel gear.  You should probably wear your bathing suit underneath clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.  You will need to wear tennis shoes or water shoes for this excursion.
  5. We need an SPV-certified adult to help shuttle students on the various excursions today
  6. If you did not snorkel in the grass and mud flats outside the hotel on Friday, you should do so today when you have time.


General Announcements:

  1. Bougainvillea group will coordinate the common meal tonight.  All members of the Bougainvillea group need to be in the Bougainvillea unit by 5:15.
  2. Immediately following dinner we will take a group picture.  Please wear your T-shirts for the picture.
  3. The SPV will be in use all afternoon and evening for excursions.
  4. After using the SPV, please get the keys back to room 156 as soon as possible.
  5. Instructors need to have a special activities license on each excursion.
  6. Photographers need to get their pictures to Ref Fransen (room 136B) for use on the website.
  7. Anyone wanting to exercise in the morning should meet outside room 106 at 6:30 a.m.
  8. Any adults and their children that would like to be included in the John Pennekamp excursion need to let Jeremy know by lunch today.


Keeping Pace with Your Work – First-Year Students:

  1. All students will visit their second habitat today (assuming you have done the grass/mud flats).  Some groups will be visiting their third habitat today, also.
  2. Students should complete the habitat profile page over the habitats they have visited.
  3. Three seminar worksheets should be completed – Porifera, Cnidaria, and Molluska.
  4. Two ecological profiles should be completed.
  5. IB students should be starting their independent lab projects today.

Keeping Pace with Your Work – Second-Year Students:

  1. You need to collect algae today when you are out on excursions.
  2. You need to get your independent lab projects started today.


Chaperone reminders:

  • Molluska seminar:  Brubaker
  • Group project planning seminar:  Ch.Weaver
  • Water Quality seminar:  Gotwals and Steury
  • Photographer:  Tonya Bontrager
  • Grilling:  Kauffman, Smith, Hannah, Bontrager
  • Evening tutoring at GC:  Gotwals
  • Night duty:  Gotwals, Brubaker, Martinez