HomeGeneralAnnouncements for Monday April 7
Scheduled Events for Today:
9:00 – Annelida and Echinodermata seminar (all first-year and IB students must attend)
Excursion Schedule:
2nd-Year students – 12:15 to Indian Key (SPV shuttle)
Seagrape – 1:00 to Quarry / Mangroves (SPV shuttle) 
Turtle Nest (136A) – 2:00 to Quarry / Mangroves (SPV shuttle)
105 – 3:00 to Quarry / Mangroves (SPV shuttle)
Bougainvillea – 7:00 to Rocky Coast (SPV shuttle)
Tree House – 8:00 to Rocky Coast (SPV shuttle)
Captain Herbie – 9:00 to Rocky Coast (SPV shuttle)
Meet at the SPV (behind the motel) ahead of your excursion time.  Please be ON TIME for your excursion.  Other groups are depending on this.
Each group should take a couple of buckets along.  All students should take a towel with them.
If you are going to the quarry/mangroves, you need to be in bathing suits and take snorkel gear.  Have your snorkel gear ready by the scheduled time.  At the quarry, you should observe two habitats – the human-made walls of the quarry as well as the mangroves that line part of the quarry.
If you are going to the rocky coast, you do not need snorkel gear.  You should probably wear your bathing suit underneath clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.  You will need to wear tennis shoes or water shoes for this excursion.
We need an SPV-certified adult to help shuttle students on the various excursions today.  
General Announcements:
Captain Herbie group will coordinate the common meal tonight.  All members of the Captain Herbie group need to be in the Bougainvillea unit by 5:15
There is no group project planning seminar at 7:00 tonight.
When working at the GC facility, please be sure to clean up after yourself.
Adults and children:  If you have not yet paid for the John Pennekamp or Dry Tortugas trip, please pay Jeremy Kauffman today.
Tomorrow’s dinner is at the Island Grill in Key Largo (close to John Pennekamp State Park).  The cost of the meal is $15.00, which includes drink and gratuity.  Because of the large size of our group, the menu is limited to five choices – fried shrimp, fried Mahi, blackened Mahi, grilled chicken, or vegetarian pasta alfredo.  The restaurant would like to know ahead of time how many of each entrée will be ordered.  You will need to make a choice at lunch time today.  You should also bring $15.00 to lunch today to pay for the meal.  
Dry Tortugas Excursion (Tuesday):
You will leave by 5:30 a.m.  Board the small bus prior to this departure time.
Breakfast and lunch are provided.  However, if you need something to eat before boarding the boat in Key West, you should pack something the night before to take along.
You do not need to take snorkel gear – it is provided.  However, you should take a towel.
If you are prone to motion sickness, take Dramamine.
You will not be able to eat at the Island Grill with the rest of the group, as you will not get back in time.  You will be stopping somewhere on the way home to eat.  Take money with you for the meal.
Keeping Pace with Your Work – First-Year and IB Students:
Check the board outside of 110 and the GC building for today’s list.
Four habitat profiles – GMF, Mangroves, Human-made, Rocky coast
Five seminar worksheets should be completed – Porifera, Cnidaria, Molluska, Annelida, Echinodermata
4-5 Ecological profiles completed (in addition to the one completed in Goshen)
All algae classifications
All water quality work (except for BOD & WQI)
Group project should be well underway – research questions were due by supper yesterday.  Has your group submitted yours?
IB students should have their final projects well underway.
Keeping Pace with Your Work – Second-Year Students:
Your algae work should be complete.
Your independent labs should be well underway.   
Your group projects should be well underway – research questions were due by supper yesterday.  Has your group submitted yours?
You should be working on collecting scavenger hunt items.
Chaperone reminders:
Annelida & Echinodermata seminars:  Gotwals / Ch. Weaver
SPV shuttle:  Fransen, need at least one more
Photographers:  need at least one today
Grilling:  Kauffman, Smith, Hannah, Bontrager
Evening tutoring at GC:  Brubaker
Night duty:  Brubaker, Gotwals, Smith