HomeGeneralAnnouncements for Thursday April 10, 2014

Scheduled Events for Today:

9:00 –Water Quality Seminar – to finish water quality tests (all students must attend)

9:40 – 2nd-year students’ excursion to the Wastewater Treatment Plant – meet at GC right after water quality seminar

4:00 – Project Presentations (all students must attend)

5:00 – Clean-up GC Building (all students must help)

General Announcements:

  1. Spend time today cleaning up your room.  We will do room checks before departure tomorrow.
  2. If you have water quality test kits at the motel, they must go with you to the morning seminar.
  3. All GHS snorkel gear needs to be returned to the GC building by 4:00 today.  All students are responsible to get the right set of gear checked back in.
  4. All other materials that have been brought to the motel from the GC building must be returned there by 4:00 today.
  5. 2nd-year and IB students need to pack the materials that you brought with you for your projects back in the boxes.
  6. Extra adult help would be appreciated in getting the GC building cleaned.
  7. Books and art supplies in eating units need to be brought to room 156 right after dinner tonight.
  8. We need several adults to volunteer to do room checks tomorrow after the students clear out.
  9. Even though the noise ordinance doesn’t start until 10:00, please be conscious of your noise level at all times.  We are not the only ones at the motel, and we can’t act like we are.
  10. Curfew is the same time tonight as every night.
  11. Departure tomorrow morning is at 9:00 a.m.

Keeping Pace with Your Work:

Today is the day to FINISH your work.

  1. Check the board outside of 110 and the GC building for today’s list.
  2. Five habitat profiles – GMF, Mangroves, Human-made, Coral reef, Rocky Coast
  3. Six seminar worksheets should be completed – Porifera, Cnidaria, Molluska, Annelida, Echinodermata, Arthropoda
  4. All Ecological profiles completed (in addition to the one completed in Goshen)
  5. All algae classifications
  6. All water quality work
  7. All independent labs (IB and 2nd-year students)
  8. Group project must be completed by 4:00.

All work is due by departure tomorrow.

Eating Group Projects:

  1. Each group needs to have a presentation board ready by 4:00 today. 
  2. The presentation boards are at the GC facility.  You may work on them there or take them to the motel to work on.
  3. There are art supplies at the GC facility.  Those should stay at the GC facility.
  4. We have also placed art supplies in each eating unit.  Those should stay at the motel.
  5. There are resource books available at the GC facility.  These need to stay at the GC facility.
  6. We have also placed resource books in each eating unit.  These should be used in the eating unit. 
  7. There are computers available for your use at the GC facility.  Those need to stay there.  The username is marinebio and the password is Student1!
  8. There is a printer at the GC facility.  You may print things for your group projects.  Students doing independent labs should also print a final copy of their lab.
  9. All group projects and IA lab projects must be uploaded to Turnitin.com using Moodle.
  10. The second and IB students will stay at the presentation board and present it to first-year students.
  11. First-year students will take notes on each of the other boards.  Bring your workbooks to the presentations.
  12. Each eating group must submit a hard copy of your paper.
  13. All specimens used in these projects must be returned to their natural habitats.
  14. All materials used in these projects must be cleaned up and packed up.

Chaperone reminders:

  • WQI seminar:  Steury & Gotwals
  • Photographers:  need at least one today
  • Evening tutoring at GC:  Hannah
  • Night duty:  Weaver’s, Harl, Hannah’s