IB Art student Persis Wade working with clay.

Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Cranston working with students oceanside.

Art Students classroom for the day.

Studying at the Goshen College facility.

Algae seminar led by Mr Brubaker and Ms. DeMeyer

Mrs Weaver looks on as students ask questions during algae seminars.

Working on seminar bookwork.

Students trying to figure out what is in the container.

“Blade and stalk have appendages”

Students and staff heading out on the pontoon.

Horseshoe crab living near the Goshen College facility.

Kayaking in the channels near Goshen College facility.

Students take some time out to paddle board.

Students plucking some tunes on the ukulele

Mrs. Bontrager discussing life with Riley Bove.

The groups first common meal. Grilled chicken, asian slaw, baked potatoes, black bean salsaWe eat, and cookies.  We eat WELL!

Mr. Weaver giving dinner instructions and then setting them loose.