Course Description

The marine biology course offered each year to students at Goshen High School offers a “hands on” learning situation of the ocean environment.  Students are transported to the Florida Keys for a one-week, in-depth study of marine organisms, their habitats, and environmental factors that affect those organisms.  The trip is preceded by Monday evening and Saturday morning seminars preparing the students for the trip.  These seminars include discussion of precautions and safety, assignment of study groups, assignment of project topics, presentation of project topics by the students, dissemination of information and materials, and snorkeling practice.  During the week in the Keys the students will be working from a textbook specifically designed for this course.  Upon returning from the Keys, a 90-minute written examination will be given.  The student will receive one science credit upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Marine Biology Program Director

Chris Kauffman Weaver

Marine Biology Leadership Team

Andy Brubaker, Cindy Cooper, Cathy DeMeyer, Alison Gotwals, Pete Miller Biddle, Carl Weaver, Chris Weaver, PJ Wolf, Nancy Hannah (Northridge)

Administrator on Location

Brian Bechtel

Additional GCS Staff Chaperones

Monica Stutzman, Martha Penner, Lucas Kauffman, Christy Smith, Tonya Harmelink, Denise Diener

Additional Chaperones

There will be a total of 56 chaperones for this year’s trip.  These include those listed above, as well as medical personnel, long-time marine biology volunteers, and interested parents and families.


GHS has partnered with Goshen College, as they have a marine facility in Layton that we will use for classroom and research purposes.  We also have partnerships with Northridge and Wawasee high schools, as they have adopted our marine biology program and send students each year.