Marine Biology

Scheduled Events for Today:

9:00 – Annelida and Echinodermata seminar (all first-year students must attend)

10:00 – Sea Turtle Hospital (second-year students)

2nd-Year students:  meet at the SPV at 9:00 for this excursion.  Be sure to tell your eating unit hosts that you may be late for lunch.  There is a gift shop here – you may want spending money.


Excursion Schedule:

Bouganvillea –

Turtle Nest (136A&B) – 7:00 p.m. to the rocky coast

Tree House – 7:00 p.m. to the rocky coast

128B – 9:00 p.m. to the rocky coast

Seagrape – 9:00 p.m. to the rocky coast

Goshen College –  

  1. Eating groups that need to visit a habitat in the afternoon for their group project should schedule an excursion with Weaver’s.
  2. For the evening excursions to the rocky coast, we will be taking two eating groups in the SPV.  Because of this, the excursions will be limited to just the students and one instructor.  Others are welcome to come if you have your own transportation.  Each group should take a couple of buckets along.  You should wear old tennis shoes or water shoes.  You may want gloves.  If you have a flashlight, you should take it along. 

 General Announcements:

  1. When working at the GC facility, please be sure to clean up after yourself.
  2. If you have not yet paid for the John Pennekamp trip, please pay Jeremy Kauffman today.
  3. Tomorrow’s dinner is at the Island Grill in Key Largo (close to John Pennekamp State Park).  If you are not going on the JPSP snorkel trip, you are welcome to join us for dinner there, but we need to know so that we can let the restaurant know how many people to expect.

 Follow GHS Marine Biology on the Web:

  1. Website:
  2. Facebook page:  GHS Marine Biology 40th Year (no recent posts
  3. Twitter:  Follow Mr. Wolf @ GHSMrWolf for lots of tweets and pictures.  Follow Mrs. Weaver @cbkweaver for daily announcements.

 Keeping Pace with Your Work – First-Year Students:

  1. Check the board outside of 110 and the GC building for today’s list.
  2. Three habitat profiles – GMF, Mangroves, Human-made, Coral reef
  3. Five seminar worksheets should be completed – Porifera, Cnidaria, Molluska, Annelida, Echinodermata
  4. 4 Ecological profiles completed (in addition to the one completed in Goshen)
  5. All algae classifications
  6. All water quality work (except for BOD & WQI)
  7. Group project should be well underway.

 Keeping Pace with Your Work – Second/Third-Year Students:

  1. Your algae work should be complete.
  2. Your independent labs should be well underway.  
  3. Your group projects should be well underway.
  4. You should complete an excursion journal for the Turtle Hospital.
  5. You should be working on collecting scavenger hunt items.

 Chaperone reminders:

  • Annelida & Echinodermata seminars:  Ch. Weaver
  • Photographers:  Gillins, Richards, Uhey, Studebaker, Wolf, Patrick, Kauffmann, Weaver, Smucker
  • SPV shuttle to GC for breakfast (7:45) and seminar (8:45):  Chad Weaver
  • Grilling:  Nafziger, Heatwole, Stahly, Kauffman, Smith, Studebaker
  • Evening tutoring at GC:  Richards
  • Night duty:  Richards, Gillins