Marine Biology 2012


Sunday, April 8, 2012


 Scheduled Events for Today:

8:00 – Departure


  A Special Thank-You to:

  • the 27 marine biology and 4 IB art students for your hard work, positive attitudes, and great cooperation throughout the week.  You have represented yourselves, your families, your community, and your school quite well.  
  • the 25 adults who accompanied us on this trip for your hard work in teaching the students, accompanying the students on excursions, supporting the students in their work, driving the SPV’s, planning the menu for the week, cooking meals and cleaning up after them, maintaining the website, supervising, integrating art with science, doing construction at the GC building, providing medical care, taking pictures, helping athletes with their conditioning, and providing us with all kinds of support.
  • the 22 high school, middle school, elementary school, and preschool-aged children on this trip for your excitement, enthusiasm, and cooperation.
  • GoshenCollegeand the GC professors for allowing us to use the facility and for sharing your experience with us.


 General Announcements:

  1. Books in eating units need to be packed neatly in boxes and returned to the bus IMMEDIATELY after breakfast.
  2. All school equipment (computers, books, glassware, etc) needs to be returned to the bus IMMEDIATELY after breakfast.
  3. All rooms need to be cleaned.  Trash should be taken out to the dumpsters/ trashcans.
  4. We would appreciate lots of help in loading the bus.
  5. Students:  When you are completely moved out of your room, take both room keys to the McFadden’s (room 106).  They will do a room check before turning in your keys. 
  6. Adults should take their room keys to the office when they are finished in the room.


 Keeping Pace with Your Work:

  • All work should have been turned in yesterday.