Marine Biology

 Scheduled Events for Today:

1.      (8:00)         Breakfast

2.      (9:30)         Catholic mass in Marathon (optional attendance)

3.      (10:00)       Worship service at the Layton Baptist Church (optional attendance)

4.      (11:30)       Lunch

5.      (1:30)         Algae seminar #1 & Water Quality Seminar #1  ( all students must attend) 

6.      (3:00)         Algae seminar #2 & Water Quality Seminar #2  (all students must attend)

7.      (p.m.)         Excursions, fieldwork, bookwork

8.      (5:00)         Dinner

9.      (6:30)         Depart for night fishing


Seminar Schedule:

Algae seminar #1:  Bouganvillea, Turtle Nest, Goshen College

Water Quality Seminar #1:  Seagrape, Tree House, 128B

Algae seminar #2:  Seagrape, Tree House, 128B

Water Quality Seminar #2:  Bouganvillea, Turtle Nest, Goshen College


General Announcements:

  1. Any student wishing to attend Catholic mass should meet by the SPV by 9:00.
  2. Anyone who is willing to sing at the Baptist Church should gather at the GC building at 9:00.
  3. At breakfast, we will need to know who is going night fishing.  Payment should be given to Jeremy Kauffman.  The cost is $35.00.
  4. We will also be checking with adults regarding the John Pennekamp trip.  Payment for this should also be given to Jeremy Kauffman.  The cost is $26.00 for adults and $21.00 for children 17 and under.


Keeping Pace with Your Work:

  1. Check the board outside of 110 for today’s list.
  2. Three habitat profiles – GMF, Mangroves, Human-made
  3. Three seminar worksheets should be completed – Porifera, Cnidaria, Molluska,.
  4. 2-3 Ecological profiles completed (in addition to the one completed in Goshen)
  5. All algae classifications
  6. All water quality work (except BOD and WQI)


Chaperone reminders:

  • Algae seminars:  Ch. Weaver, Borger, Advanced students
  • Water Quality seminar:  Holsopple, Steury, Advanced students
  • Photographers:  Calla Gillins, Linea Richards, Ally Uhey, Angela Studebaker, PJ Wolf, Amy Patrick, Dottie Kauffmann, Chad Weaver, Ashley Smucker
  • SPV shuttle to GC for breakfast (7:45):  Chad Weaver
  • Grilling:  Nafziger, Heatwole, Stahly, Kauffman, Smith, Studebaker
  • Evening tutoring at GC:  Ch. Weaver
  • Night duty:  Wolf, Uhey