Marine Biology

 Scheduled Events for Today:

9:00 a.m. – Arthropoda Seminar (all first-year students must attend)

9:00 a.m. – Excursion to Keys Marine Lab (all second/third-year students must attend)

9:00 p.m. – Excursion to the Rocky Coast for GC eating group and any other students who have not yet gone

 Excursion Announcements:

  • Eating groups should schedule excursions as needed for your group projects.  See Mr. or Mrs. Weaver if you need transportation.
  • Excursion to KML:  Advanced students need to pack a lunch.  You need to meet Mr. Holsopple between the two buildings at the motel by 8:50.  Bring your lunch, swim suit, towel, workbook, and snorkeling equipment.

General Announcements:

  1. When working at the GC facility, please be sure to clean up after yourself.
  2. Remember that there is a noise ordinance in Layton at 10:00 p.m.  Please be conscious of the amount of noise you are making at all times, but especially after 10:00.
  3. We need an SPV driver to take the GC group to the rocky coast this evening.

 Keeping Pace with Your Work – First-Year Students:

  1. Check the board outside of 110 and the GC building for today’s list.
  2. Five habitat profiles – GMF, Mangroves, Human-made, Coral reef, Rocky Coast
  3. Six seminar worksheets should be completed – Porifera, Cnidaria, Molluska, Annelida, Echinodermata, Arthropoda
  4. Five Ecological profiles completed (in addition to the one completed in Goshen)
  5. All algae classifications
  6. All water quality work (except for BOD & WQI)
  7. Group project should be well underway.

 Keeping Pace with Your Work – Second/Third-Year Students:

  1. Your algae work should be complete.
  2. Your independent labs should be well underway.  
  3. Your group projects should be well underway.
  4. You should complete an excursion journal for the Dry Tortugas and KML.
  5. You should be working on collecting scavenger hunt items.

Chaperone reminders:

  • Arthropoda seminar:  Borger, Richards, Wolf
  • Photographers:  Gillins, Richards, Uhey, Studebaker, Wolf, Patrick, Kauffmann, Weaver, Smucker
  • SPV shuttle to GC for breakfast (7:45) and seminar (8:45):  Chad Weaver
  • Evening tutoring at GC:  Ca. Weaver
  • Night duty:  Richards, Shoemaker’s