The following pictures were taken at the turtle hospital, an excursion for the second-year marine biology students led by Zeb Holsopple.  These were taken by Chad Weaver.  Other marine organisms are featured as well.

Click below to see artwork created by Goshen High School IB Art students and their fearless leader Cindy Cooper!  All of the projects are marine inspired.

These pictures show marine biology students hard at work in the quarry, at the rocky coast, in the lab, performing water quality studies, classifying algae, and attending a mollusk lecture led by Duane Kauffmann.  The second year students also visited the turtle hospital in Marathon led by Zeb Holsopple. 

This next group of pictures features students hard at work during the algae and water quality seminars and then having a lot of fun night fishing!  Check out the shark!

The pictures featured below further chronicle the events that occurred at the beginning of this week.  Included are pictures from the welcome meeting and the celebration of Carl and 40 years of marine biology.  These pictures were taken by Chad Weaver–the son of Carl Weaver.  There are also a few pictures of the amazing sunsets that we get to see in the Florida Keys!

Click the link below to see pictures of the first days of the 2013 marine biology trip.  This year marks the 40th year of marine biology led by Goshen High School science instructor Carl Weaver.  He led the introductory meeting featured in the first few photographs and was honored by his friends and family in the last set of pictures.  You can also see students already hard at work.