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Welcome to Layton, Florida
Cindy Cooper’s Diving Experience
Daily Life at Lime Tree Bay
Educational Opportunities and Excursions
Night Fishing
Learning about Sea Life
An Upside-Down Jellyfish
Diving with Cindy Cooper
The Turtle Hospital
Working at the Goshen College Facility
Marine Biology Studies
Waste Treatment Plant

We arrived safe and sound back in Goshen on Saturday, April 11th.  After a bit of rest it is hard to believe that we are back at school already!  The following message is from the Weavers, our esteemed leaders on the trip:

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you:

You blew us away with your kind words, the poster and the gift card.  Thank-you so much for that – it is very meaningful to us!  We would especially like to thank the 38 marine biology and 3 IB art students for your hard work, positive attitudes, and great cooperation throughout the week.  You have represented yourselves, your families, your community, and your school quite well.  We also want to thank the 40 adults who accompanied us on this trip for your hard work in teaching the students, accompanying the students on excursions, supporting the students in their work, driving the SPV’s, planning the menu for the week, cooking meals and cleaning up after them, maintaining the website, supervising, integrating art with science, doing construction at the GC building, providing medical care, taking pictures, helping athletes with their conditioning, and providing us with all kinds of support.  And, we thank the 17 high school, middle school, and elementary-aged children of chaperones on this trip for your excitement, enthusiasm, and cooperation.